Conduit Replacement for Christmas

Not exactly like the song goes, Laura has her two front teeth, but she needed a new conduit for Christmas, and that's exactly what she got.

Back in October we went for Laura's semi-annual echo and her cardiologist said he thought it was time to talk about replacing her conduit. He scheduled a catherization for the last week of October just to be sure. The results were the same, recommending a conduit replacement before Laura showed signs that she was in distress.

We were able to wait until the new C.S. Mott Children's Hospital opened but waiting also meant we weren't scheduled for surgery until the week before Christmas, Monday December 19th. Dr. Bove was her surgeon again, and he said she did a marvelous job and that the surgery was uncomplicated and as easy as one could expect. It seemed like now time before it was over. The surgery started around 7:30 and by 1pm we were able to go back and see her. And she looked great, not puffy at all. She was extubated that night and alert, asking for water.

Tuesday we moved to the regular floor once a room opened up and it was very nice to have our own room with a beautiful view on the 11th floor. Laura continued to do well, eating, drinking and mostly carrying on like she'd had a hang nail removed. There were a few boughts of crying but nothing that was too extreme. Wednesday there was talk of removing her chest tubes but the drs. wanted her to move around a bit more just to make sure that all the drainage was out of her belly. The tubes were removed on Thursday, the echo looked good and so did the x-ray on Friday so we were sent packing just in time for Christmas.

The only meds Laura is taking is motrin and tylenol for pain management and she's not taking much of those either, she is such a strong little girl!

Here's a picture of Laura and our hero, Dr. Bove:

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